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Hail can cause severe damage to motor vehicles drastically lowering their value. We are your global specialists in repairing hail damaged vehicles.
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Our highly trained and experienced specialists slowly reform the metal on your car (using PDR), removing the dents and keeping your original paintwork intact.
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Exceptional Quality
Our specialists take pride in their work and work to the highest of standards in our industry. We use specialised tools to inspect and control quality of all repairs.

''We are Specialists in repairing hail damaged vehicles. Watch our video for a demo...''

High Quality

Our specialists take great pride in their work and use the latest technology in PDR including LED lighting, induction and many other specialised tools.

Reliable & Efficient

We have over 17 years of experience in the automotive industry and will be able to repair your vehicle in a timely manner whether small or large hail damage.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We set ourselves very high standards and as such your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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We are specialists in repairing hail damaged vehicles.

High quality and professional service with over 15 years of experience.